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User Experience (UX) for Medical Devices

What’s that all about? And what about user experience?

Yes, legally that was “already” all. BUT we love great products. Custom Medical embodies pragmatic usability engineering. For us, this means: we only establish things that really give you and your users an advantage. On the one hand, we accompany you to develop and test your products so that you have all the contents necessary for approval. On the other hand, we want to use every contact with the user as purposefully as possible.

The aspect of security is not enough for us. When we work with your users, we ensure that we additionally continuously improve the quality of your product during development in coordination with you.
Furthermore, our study design and process is structured in such a way that they subsequently understand and know what differentiates your offering from that of the competitors. These are valuable insights into user/consumer behavior, which can be easily and specifically used in your sales and marketing processes.

Safer medical devices are our basis for this. However, we work with you to optimize not only the safety, but above all the user experience of your products.
User experience is about how much a product inspires. How much a user likes to work with your product and also what emotions he associates with your product. These are the factors that pay into the ability of your products not only to be used, but to be recommended and customers becoming fans.

User experience the cornerstone of long-term product success.

Formative testing: to the really good product during development.

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