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Our values and mission

Our mission determines what we do every day and our values decide how we do it! They guide us in our daily actions and in the selection of our employees and customers.

So that it can be as pleasant, respectful and productive cooperation as possible from all sides, we would like to explain here what is important to us and introduce you to our values, our vision and our mission.

Our vision and mission

Our vision: We believe that everyone’s time is precious. This is also and especially true for people who have dedicated their lives to healing and caring for others. We want to honor that. Our goal is that in the future, healthcare professionals and patients will only think about the “what” and “why” and not the “how” when using medical devices and IVDs. We would like to see a world in which technology adapts to people and their needs and itself takes a back seat. Users should be able to focus on the treatment and not on the use. In this way, we contribute to better patient care – worldwide and directly.

Our mission: To achieve this, we are working on a world in which users and developers create products together and meet as equals. With Custom Medical, we want to become the world’s number one in usability engineering for medical devices and IVDs and thus contribute to making our vision a reality.

A performance of a formative evaluation in our Medical Usability Lab.
Two employees in front of a tablet.
An employee during a visual design sprint at the PC.

Our values


We enjoy what we do and radiate this enjoyment. It is important to us that everyone involved leaves the collaboration with a positive and happy feeling. This applies both to internal work and to work with our customers.

How do we ensure that the value of fun is lived?

  • We get to know each other as people and not just as colleagues or customers
  • Love for what we do and the will to constantly improve it are part of our everyday life.
  • We are very interested in what we do and approach things with passion for progress.
  • We organize our everyday life with humor.

We respect each other and all those with whom we come into contact. In doing so, we have special respect for the time of the other person. We do not want to waste anyone’s resources and expect this respect for ourselves as well.

How do we ensure that the value of respect is lived?

  • We treat all people and disciplines with the highest esteem.
  • Responsible use of our customers’ resources and our own is very important to us.
  • We respect life and our environment and do nothing that would be detrimental to life and the environment!
  • We celebrate diversity and are open to any orientations.

We are excellent at what we do. This is not only shown by our many awards. We attach great importance to becoming better at everything we do on the basis of data.

How do we ensure that the value of excellence is lived?

  • We offer our employees an above-average amount of freely available time for further training.
  • Collaboration on our processes is encouraged and we are continuously interested in improving them!
  • We have very high standards and do not settle for less.

We are a team and as a team we stick together. Accordingly, we attach great importance to ensuring that our own actions do not focus on self-interest.

How do we ensure that the value of cohesion is lived?

  • We help each other.
  • Egoism and competitiveness are out of place with us.
  • Responsibility is shared.

Our actions are shaped by the spirit of advancing and improving Custom Medical. In doing so, we react flexibly and pragmatically to changes.

How do we ensure that the value of intrapreneurship is lived?

  • We keep our eyes open for new ideas.
  • We learn specifically from mistakes.
  • Decisions are made based on facts and implemented quickly.
  • We love to learn, improve and develop our own ideas.

Let’s get to know each other

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