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User Interface Design

We design a user interface for you that looks modern and appealing and is easy to use. We help you to clearly display even the most complex workflows and thus create a user interface that users not only love, but also find easy to use.

You get a strong user interface concept and outstanding visual design from us. Our design decisions are always based on real user data. You can see how well this works by checking out our current design awards.



In a joint kick-off, we get to know your product and your goals. Here we work out what we want to achieve and the plan for implementing the goals, including a schedule. Guidelines, style guides, frameworks and possible restrictions in the design are also discussed in this step.

An employee in front of a kick-off document
Creation and discussion of the user interface concept - the basis for outstanding user interface design


User Interface Design concept

We develop the design concept on which the user interface is to be based and discuss it in joint workshops.

In order to design exactly according to your wishes, you will receive the concept from us in wireframes. Based on these, you can give us your input, which will then be incorporated into the concept.


Visual Design Sprints

Parallel to the user interface concept, we develop the visual design of your user interface. Of course, all your guidelines and style guides are taken into account here. Specific requirements of the respective industry are also taken in consideration here.

An employee during a visual design sprint at the PC.
Creation and discussion of the user interface concept - the basis for outstanding user interface design


Clickdummies for formative evaluations

We now test your user interface using clickdummies with real users to ensure that we detect any use errors as early as possible. This allows us to react accordingly in the design process. The user feedback also helps to improve the user interface concept and evaluate the visual design.


Documentation and Styleguide

We document all elements and patterns designed by us and compile them for you in an interactive style guide. In addition, you will receive a library of icons and elements designed by us, which you can use to speed up the development process.

Visual Design Sprints give your user interface design the desired shine
Presentation of results of the summative evaluation / Human Factors Validation


Presentation of the results

In a final presentation, we present the results of the joint work to you once again in a collected form and discuss the next steps for your user interface design. This also includes talking about the product roadmap and planning future enhancements together.

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