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The RIDA®SMART APP enables farmers and food manufacturers to check food quality directly in the field – without a fully equipped laboratory.

Find out how our Data Driven UX design process helped us deliver an excellent user interface for this project in this detailed case study.

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Initial situation & project

Food gives many people a lot of pleasure every day. They are often part of celebrations and get-togethers with family or friends. But food can also make you sick. Mycotoxins – toxic metabolites – can be invisible in food. As a consequence, they can affect the immune system, cause digestive problems or damage organs. In the worst case, mycotoxin poisoning can be fatal.

The danger can be countered by analyzing raw materials and foodstuffs. The challenge: not everywhere in the world are fully equipped laboratories available and accessible, especially by smaller farmers. Within the scope of this project, therefore, a new type of analysis facility was to be created and designed by us to be user-friendly.


Project planning and kickoff

In a joint kick-off, we get to know your product and your goals. Here we work out what we want to achieve and the plan for implementing the goals, including a schedule. Guidelines, style guides and possible restrictions in the design are also discussed in this step.

Kick-off for a Summative Evaluation / Human Factors Validation
Creation and discussion of the user interface concept - the basis for outstanding user interface design


First Wireframes & Visual Design

We develop the design concept on which the user interface is to be based. We clarify whether all user tasks are correctly mapped, how users move through the application and which information is needed for which screens.

In order to design exactly according to your wishes and requirements, you will receive the concept from us in wireframes. Based on these wireframes, you can give us your input, which is then incorporated into the concept.


User tests

The core element of our Data-Driven UX Design (3DUX) approach is user feedback. In this project, too, we spoke with users often and in various design phases to obtain real feedback.

In order to meet the challenge of international deployment with different levels of user knowledge, user surveys were conducted in a wide range of countries. For example, users from Hungary, Finland, Pakistan, Sweden, Greece, the USA and Germany were involved.

The survey locations were also varied to reflect the wide range of uses. The surveys were carried out both directly with farmers and at processing plants such as mills.

We were able to incorporate the findings directly into the design.

Kick-off for a user interface design project
The RIDA-Smartapp on a smartphone-screen.



The result speaks for itself. The RIDA®SMART APP is very popular with users and has considerably simplified everyday life and made simple mycotoxin analysis possible in the first place.

The app enables users to perform mycotoxin analysis quickly and easily. It is also very easy to integrate into existing workflows and feels intuitive and natural in action.

But it’s not just users (and us) who are excited about the user interface. The Red Dot 2022 jury also finds the user interface of the RIDA®SMART APP to be outstanding and has awarded it the Red Dot Winner 2022 in the Interface Design category.

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David Steinmann

Biotechnologist – Product Manager R-Biopharm

“We are the expert in developing test systems, but we are not experts in the field of UX designs. Therefore, we sought help from experts here. Together we managed to define and also implement the pain points and userneeds for improving our product. The feedback from customers has been very good and many have also already asked if they can use it directly.

I would recommend Custom Medical to anyone who wants to revise and optimize the customer experience of their products, in order to increase the added value for the customer, but also for their project, and to stand out from competitors.” David Steinmann


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