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Usability Engineering for Medical Devices


Usability engineering is an established field that has been dealing with the optimization of products since the 1980s. Originally starting in the field of software ergonomics, usability engineering is now seen more broadly and, according to IEC 62366-1, is understood as “the application of knowledge about human behavior, capabilities, limitations, and other characteristics to the design of medical devices (including software), systems, and tasks so that appropriate usability can be achieved.”
Sounds scarier than it is!


Actually, usability engineering just means that in the development of products, the user is at the center of consideration. What are the tasks of my user? What capabilities does my user have? Within which physical, psychological, organizational limits does my user move? What does my user want to achieve?


Usability engineering is the process that accompanies you in the development to answer these questions. From this process we develop a product that in the end becomes safe to use, intuitive to use and inspiring.

And therefore a real success.


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