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Anvajo GmbH develops innovative solutions for the analysis of liquids. We worked with the team for a point-of-care solution. In the process, we were able to achieve measurable improvements to the solution.

Find out how Julie Bernard from Anvajo perceived this collaboration, what results we were able to achieve together and what exactly the measurable improvements were in this testimonial.

Our task

Test design & execution of a formative usability test of a point-of-care solution for laboratory diagnostics.

Recruitment of test participants.

Evaluation of the results and derivation of recommendations for the further development of the product.

One hand grips a test tube.
A point-of-care solution. Half-filled, small test tubes are shown.


Conducting user tests despite restrictions due to the Corona pandemic. Users were able to interact directly with the product on site.

A very broad spectrum of users had to be covered during the tests. The tests took place with medical professionals, medical specialists and laboratory technicians.

For the user group, the product is a new solution with new tasks.


It was possible to identify both positive points and potential for improvement on the basis of data.

The target group is looking forward to the product and would like to try it out.

Various test tubes in the foreground, in the background you can see a computer screen.

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