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Fasciotens products offer solutions for complex abdominal wall pathologies and are used in the operating room and intensive care units. The fasciotens Pediatric product, developed in collaboration with fasciotens, is specifically designed to improve therapy for children with open abdominal wall defects.

The end product succeeds in both simplifying the application for users and improving the therapy for children. This means that follow-up operations, which are often necessary, can be prevented for the children affected. You can find out how the joint project went on this page.

Our task

We were brought on board for formative evaluations of the product. The main aim here was to identify potential for improvement – including for the instructions for use and training materials. In addition to recruiting and conducting the formative evaluation, we also carried out the summative evaluation.

One of our employees in the kick-off meeting with fasciotens.
A man in scrubs tests the product on a dummy in our Medical UX lab.


Simulating an open abdominal wall defect for the methodically clean formative and summative evaluation was a special challenge that we were able to master. We were also able to master the simulation of the use environment through our Medical Usability Lab.


The implementation of the formative studies was able to define potential for improvement. These allowed further optimization and improvements in the area of usability. Instructions for use and training materials were also improved. On this basis, the summative evaluation was successfully completed.

A close-up of the Fasciotens product. The dummy of an abdominal wall is held open by the product.

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