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Precipoint design outstanding hardware and software for the field of digital microscopy. A new product was to be released together with a cloud platform.

In this testiomonial, Ludwig Wildner talks about how we were able to help him and his team, what the joint collaboration was like, and what measurable results we were able to achieve.

Our task

Precipoint designs hardware and software for the digital microscopy field. We were able to help with two different products. One product is sold together with a cloud platform. This cloud platform offers the possibility to make the data generated with the microscope accessible online and share it with other people. For this, we helped with usability and user experience design. A second microscope had to undergo an IVDR-compliant summative usability evaluation for approval on the European market. Here our tasks were the recruitment of the right participants and the implementation.

A smiling employee recruits participants for the study.
A computer screen shows a close-up of a surface.


Entry barriers to digital workflows needed to be removed – and for multiple user groups. The software had to be easy to understand and intuitive to use, as the product is intended for use in a working environment where people work at high pressure and with little time. For the approval according to IVDR, a final and evaluative usability assessment was now necessary for the first time.


The successful implementation of the summative usability evaluation including the recruitment of the right users. The customers who were able to use the product during this evaluation were already convinced of it afterwards. The results of the summative usability evaluation were made available as a report. The evidence required by the IVDR for safe use was thus fulfilled.

A close-up of a microscope.

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